ONLINE June 30 day yoga challenge
$30 for 30 days of yoga
June 1st - june 30th

How does it work?

- 30 minutes of yoga for 30 straight days.
- All levels Yoga
- It will be done at your own home at your own time. 
- 30 days of daily yoga videos to follow
- Once the payment is received, you will be added to a private Facebook group
- Live 30 minute morning practice at 6:30 am.
- You can practice with Kayce in the morning or you can log in whenever you can. (The video will be available and can be viewed at your own time) 
- There will be a calendar print out provided and you can put a sticker on after every practice
- Bonus weekly yoga tip videos

Those who have completed the 30-day challenge will be put into a draw to win a BYOGA mat.


1) What if I missed a day? You can "double up" if you missed a day. Meaning, you can do the video of the missed day and the video of that day. Maybe one in the morning and one in the evening.

2) How do you know if we completed the 30 days? At the end of the challenge, I will ask you to send me a picture of you and your calendar. 

3) What if some people just put stickers without doing the yoga? Do your best. We are all adults and this is mainly the honour system. You are only cheating yourself. 

4) Will the videos be available after the challenge? Yes, I will not close the group so you can continue to view the videos. 

5) What is a BYOGA mat? B MAT® Everyday offers superior grip, cushioning, with a lightweight construction, allowing you to use it everyday.  Check out byoganow for more details.