The best medication for my baby blues

When anxiety arises, meditate.

If it’s too overwhelming, bring yourself to the present moment by using your senses. I touched my baby’s chest to feel his heartbeat and looked into his eyes and said, “I am here.” Not did it calm me down, it also made me feel more deeply connected him.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, move. Do a couple of poses, pranayama (breath work) or walk.

Feel what is happening.

Feel the physiological effects so you are aware that an emotion is arising. When I was sad I would feel heavy in my chest. When I was happy, I felt light in the hands. When I was angry, I would get hot in the face.

Happy or sad, always meditate.

Meditate when you have good days and when you have bad days. It is okay to be sad, don’t push it away. Just be sad. Process all emotions because those emotions are real and raw.

Talk to someone.

Meditate first to put your feelings into words. It’s okay if you feel it doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes things don’t have to make sense. You don’t have to battle this on your own. You have help. Talk to your partner, family, friends or a healthcare professional.

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