Kaycelyn Rosales-Knight is from Toronto, ON. She is an adventure seeker at heart. She took her first yoga class in Toronto back in September 2008 and never looked back. She instantly knew this was the path she wanted to take. Kayce quit her job, packed her bags and headed for India to the Moksha teacher training. She came out of that training with a bigger heart. Kayce wanted to share her experience, joy, love, and passion for yoga. Her love for yoga only continued to grow as she took on more training.  

Along with teaching yoga, she enjoys painting, crafting, watching the sunset and travelling. On one of her travels she met her now husband, at the airport in Bogota, Columbia, on a connecting flight to Peru. She now lives in Hamiota with her family on plans to continue to travel the world, as a family. She has been teaching yoga for 9 years and is spreading the love of yoga in the Westman area. 

"Adventures are the best way to learn and make unforgettable memories"


Moksha Yoga Level 1 – India 2010
Vinyasa Training – Seane Corn 2011  
Vinyasa flow & Inversions One Yoga Living TT – Ryan Leire & Dina T 2012
Kids Yoga – Sherry Leblanche 2010
Pre – Natal & Post – Natal – Cynthia Funk 2011
Restorative Yoga – Cindii Lee 2011
Anatomy – Martin Kirk 2011
Breathe Work – Sereh Goldberg 2011
Art of Sequencing – Natasha Rizopoulos 2011
Arm Balances & Inversions – Rodney Yee 2011
Charka Flow – Seane Corn 2011
Yoga Sutra – Natasha Rizopoulos 2011
Mindfulness – Frank Jude Boccio 2012
Thai Yoga Massage - Saul David Raye 2013
Reiki Level 1 & 2 - Lorissa Kowalchuk 2014
Moksha Fit - Moksha Yoga Inc. 2017
Laughing Yoga Leader - Lynn Himmelman 2017
Yoga Tune Up Intensive - Jill Miller 2012 & 2018
Acro Yoga Intensive - AcroBuddhas 2018


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